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-Built-in GSM antenna, support quad band GSM 900/1800/850/1900MHz, suitable for global users.Picture1
This is an absolutely GSM wireless home alarm system which based on GSM 900/1800/850/1900MHz wireless network and it has internal auto dialer, will call up to 3 preprogrammed alarm phone numbers.

-iOS application and Android application operate, let the security at your fingertip.
You may free download the iOS apps from apple store and free download the Android apps from our website, it’s very easy to setup and bring you more convenience.

-Built-in Five languages
English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German language. You can switch the langue through SMS command. For example, you want to switch to Russian language, then you can send a SMS command to alarm panel with SMS command “1234LG.3”

-SMS alert features
If any wireless sensors are triggered, the GSM alarm control panel wil send SMS to preprogrammed cell phone numbers for alerting, eg. Wireless door magnetic sensor, wireless PIR motion detector, etc.

-SMS report when arm/disarm through remote controllers.
When you arm or disarm via remote controllers of command alarm system, you will not know the system in arm or disarm status, but you will know it with this smart alarm system. Since the system will report a SMS about the arm/disarm status when you arm or disarm the system through remote controllers.

-The name of zone 01 to 10 can be modified via SMS command.
For example, you want to change the original “Zone 5” into “Financial room PIR Alarm”.

-SMS command for remotely control, no distance limit
For example, if you are at abroad or out of home, and you want to remote control the alarm panel to be in arm/disarm status, or check the working status for the alarm panel, or you want to know about the backup battery status of the alarm panel. At this moment, you may check all of these information through sending SMS command to realize them, it’s very easy & convenient to do it.

-Setup independent zone for separately disarmhow_does_it_work
Such as the financial room, you may setup the financial room one or several as independent zones. The independent zones can be only disarmed through SMS command, the wireless keypad & remote controllers are unable to program it.

-Twoways communication
Connect an external speaker for realizing two ways communication, using as a mobile phone to call any number and have two way talking.

-User-friendly voice reminder
when you operate the system through phone keypad.

-Record voice function
You can pre-record a voice to the alarm panel and it will be automatically playback when the alarm panel calls you. The pre-record voice can be like something “Office’s kitchen smoke sensor”, “parent’s living room PIR sensor” etc, you can make it as you like, but within 10 seconds.

-Exit time delay
30seconds; so that you have enough time to wconfiguration_for_centre_monitoring_software_&_alarm_systems_g1alk out the house and close your door without trigger any sensors.

-Support unlimited wireless remote controllers, wireless sensors, and 2 or 3 wireless flashing sirens.
-With2 wired zones for connecting wired sensors
Which keep high safety and no transmitting distance. Such as, wired fence detectors, wired beams detectors for enclosure, wired PIR motion sensor which far from alarm panel.

-SOS emergency help
In the event of an emergency, you can press the panic button on the remote controllers or the separate panic button to trigger the system immediately for calling help no matter the system in armed status or disarmed status.

-AC/DC power auto switch function
The control panel will automatically switch to backup battery, in case of the AC power outage. As well as the backup battery will automatically recharge with AC power in normal.

-SMSalert & auto-dial alert when AC Power outage, AC power recovered

Notes: without SIM card and phone numbers, the device will work as an independent local alarm system.